Network Utilities : SuperPutty Setup

I only use SuperPutty with GNS3, here is how.

  • GNS3 as of 1.5.2 doesn’t include the latest version so download it from here:
  • Start SuperPutty which will present you with the configuration options.  Set the following:
    • YOU MUST USE THE PUTTY PROVIDED WITH GNS3.  If you don’t, you’ll receive errors “unknown option -wt” when opening consoles with SuperPutty from GNS3
    • putty.exe location (Required): C:\Program Files\GNS3\putty.exe
      • Or where-ever GNS3 is installed
    • Click the “Advanced: tab > Check off “Only allow single instance of SuperPutty to run”
  • Set the other options however you like
  • Open up Preferences in GNS3 > General > Console applications tab
  • Change the console application for telnet and serial to use SuperPutty
  • If you want to use keep the same color scheme that is used by the regular Putty console, add “-gns3 5 -skin 4” at the end i.e.
    • c:\dropbox\apps\superputty\SuperPutty.exe -telnet “%h -P %p -wt \”%d\” -gns3 5 -skin 4″

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