SecureCRT : Logging

Logging your session when doing any kind of network work is very important and can save your ass. It has saved mines on multiple occasions. One reason is it allows you to look back and see what you may have done wrong, so you can troubleshoot a issue more effectively. Other reasons are it give you the user a quick way to backup a device if you show the configuration file when working on it. I make it a habit of showing the configuration file before I do any work, so I always have a back out strategy incase something goes wrong.

SecureCRT Logging

Options > Edit Session Defaults

File path to where you are storing your logs /Logs/%M-%D-%Y/%S (%H) — %h-%m.log

Start Log Upon Connect

Append to File

Start recording S (%H) – %h:%m:%s

Stop recording S (%H) – %h:%m:%s

Happy Logging!

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