Cisco : IOS Catalyst Upgrade


From the switch, do the following

Get an MD5 hash to verify the image is intact

                verify /md5 bootflash:<image_file>

Set the config to boot from the new image

               boot system flash bootflash:<image_file>

Save the config and reload

              write mem

The switch comes back up with the new image

             sh version

Save the config

             write mem

Brocade : Dual Access Ports

Dual Access Ports : Data and Voice

You need to make the port dual-mode port. Configuring a tagged port as dual-mode allows it to accept and transmit both tagged and untagged traffic at the same time. For example, I am going to connect a phone and a laptop to a port 1/1/1. This port is running in dual mode having a tagged membership in VLAN 13 (phone) and untagged membership in VLAN 12 (laptop).

Brocade (config)# vlan 12
Brocade (config-vlan-12)# tagged eth 1/1/1
Brocade (config-vlan-12)# vlan 13
Brocade (config-vlan-13)# tagged eth 1/1/1
Brocade (config-vlan-13)# int eth 1/1/1
Brocade (config-if-e1000-1/1/1)# dual-mode 12 – this command changes from the native vlan to vlan 12 which is for the data port and should be untagged.

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