The Packet Wizard : Migrating from Cisco 6500 to Ruckus ICX

Just a quick post this week, I have been busy migrating from Cisco 6500 to Ruckus ICX. Here are some before and after photos and a video of the all important turn off. The main thing I learned in this migration is to chose your ports that are different, do Trunk Ports, Wireless, Printers, anything that is unique or requires a slightly different configuration do them first, then the regular desktop/user ports are just easy swaps.

The before picture we had already started to move the patch panels.

Listen to that power noise drop when it turns off. Turning off Cisco 6500 after Migration

Palo Alto : Initial Configutation


I have recently started a new job and they use Palo Alto’s Firewalls, which I have never used, so I am learning from the beginning.

There are 2 modes in Palo Alto Firewalls

Initial mode – >

Configure – #

PA> request system private-data-reset  – this wipes out the log and the configs

Default Login: admin/admin

Run the following commands via the CLI to change the terminal height and width since by default it overwrites itself on the terminal after 40 lines which is annoying.

PA> set cli terminal height 500

PA> set cli terminal width 500


PA# run set cli terminal height 500

PA# run set cli terminal width 500

Setup Management IP

PA>set deviceconfig system ip-address netmask default-gateway

Setup SSH is enabled by default and GUI will be available on

Add to Panorama – this is the name of the centralized management server for Palo Alto

PA#set deviceconfig system panorama-server 

When adding to Panorama you will need to get serial number

PA>show system info

Save your work



** Best Practice to add device to Panorama at the start otherwise its super tedious to remove everything. Manage only HA locally.**